• Date-night, the kids are at the grandparents’ wine

• Pasta by candle-light or steaks on the deck

SWEET ON YOU RED always sets the mood

• Best served with a heaping dish of home-cooked intimacy, a side of hearty conversation and topped off with a rich and steamy kiss.


• In front of a fire

• In a chalet in the Swiss alps

• At the table or on the couch

• Anywhere you can gaze up at the stars with good company will do, this includes rooftops, decks, balconies, beaches, etc.



• Classy and dark is the way to go.

• Dress to impress with black pants and a freshly pressed button down

• Go ahead, sling some cashmere over your shoulders


• Show off what your momma gave ya!

• Bare shoulders and a little leg are essential

• But always leave more to the imagination

• Heels as high as you can walk in.


• Sounds best with the classics…

• Miles Davis Kind of Blue

• The Dave Matthews Band Under the Table and Dreaming

• The Pulp Fiction Soundtrack

• Dr. Dre The Chronic

• Johnny Cash any and all…are guaranteed to satisfy.

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